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At Longhorn Electrical Services, Inc. we take pride in providing safe quality and reliable service to a wide spectrum of the Industrial and Electrical Utility industry. From I&E installations for the oil and gas industry and earth mineral mining industry, to 50KV medium voltage utility grid installations, we maintain a skilled team and large fleet of fully-stocked service vehicles and equipment inventory to efficiently complete any project. In addition, to heavy industrial and utility work, our cornerstone services include commercial new construction and renovations for small or large-scale projects,  emergency trouble shooting and repairs.


At Longhorn, safety is priority number one. With a proactive revolving schedule of safety training and annual refreshers, our safety team grows and strengthens our safety culture and extends it to all our customers, client facilities, and surrounding environments. Job Hazard Analysis, Joint Job Site Visits, 100% work stop, and tailgate safety sessions are just a few of the daily tools utilized by Longhorn to ensure the health and wellness of personnel, property, and environment remain a top priority. We strive to maintain an ever-growing relationship with OSHA, MSHA, and LAHJ, to continue growing the safety culture and awareness while maintaining an ISNetworld “A” rated safety record. An incident-free, accident-free workplace is our goal to ensure everyone goes home in the same shape they arrived in.

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