Team Longhorn



At Longhorn Electrical Services, Inc. we take pride in providing safe quality, and reliable service to a spectrum of the I&E industry. From I&E installations for the Oil and Gas industry and earth minerals mining industry to 50KV medium voltage utility grid installations. In addition, to heavy Industrial and Utility, we provide commercial new construction and renovations for small- and large-scale projects and emergency troubleshooting, testing, and repairs. These services are a cornerstone of Team Longhorn.

Industrial I&E

Team Longhorn specializes in the design, construction, and modification of facilities such as concrete plants, asphalt plants, oil and gas refineries, power plants, utility facilities, rock crushers, and various facilities utilizing industrial motors and controls.

Electrical Utility

Our electrical utility services provide a unique catalog of support for the region such as underground medium and high voltage , overhead medium and high voltage, earth ground resistance testing and reports, power factor correction, power analysis, thermal imaging, motor control design and more. These services provide a safe and efficient working environment for our clients and their partners.


Equipped to handle both new and remodeled projects, Team Longhorn provides support for large commercial facilities and small-scale service calls. Our areas of expertise include medical, retail, educational and business offices. Our team has an impeccable reputation for quality service and project management with all generals and supply houses that we have partnered with.


In addition to our on call emergency service teams that can provide troubleshooting, repair and modification, Team Longhorn can develop a preventive maintenance program to ensure the continued success of your equipment.